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To understand laissez-faire it is necessary, first, to define capitalism. I define capitalism as the (1966; first edition) defines it -- as an economic system "in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations." (pg. 200 of the (shorter) ) ( here includes ownership. Though corporate enterprises seem to me voluntary , they are usually considered to be privately owned.)

Managers and supervisors who adopt the laissez-faire leadership style delegate responsibility for the accomplishment of work objectives and decision-making power to their employees. For example, a CEO of a large, new-car dealership may allow departments — such as NEW CAR SALES, used car sales and service — to operate on their own without his direct supervision. In this case, the CEO sets expectations for the departments’ operations, revenues and costs and provides the needed resources to accomplish particular business objectives. However, the department managers and employees determine how they will achieve the objectives.

...Brandon Czubak 2/1/14 History 106 Assignment question 2 Question 2: By examining Robber Barons such as Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and Carnegie, how could you argue for Laissez Faire Economics and against Laissez Faire Economics? Laissez-Faire is a type of leadership style in which leaders are hands-off and allow group members to make the decisions. This results in pros and cons of Laissez-Faire leadership. It is effective where group members are highly skilled and motivated, such as scientists and researchers. The downside is its unsuitability in situations where group members lack the knowledge or experience to complete tasks or make decisions. The Laissez-Faire economic policy comes from the French phrase Laissez-Faire meaning "let things alone." As a result, the Laissez-Faire economic policy means a strict free market. Some strengths of this economic policy are there are no regulations or taxation on commerce. This encourages the growth of businesses. However, with this type of economic system if a business does poorly or needs help the government isn't responsible. So, even though the Laissez-Faire economic policy has some good advantages, it also has a major disadvantage. One of the strengths of a Laissez-Faire system is the growth of businesses, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. With anyone, who has the right requirements, able to start a business the number of products grows. Therefore, the GDP, or gross domestic product, grows, and...

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Historically, the U.S. government policy toward business was summed up by the French term laissez-faire -- "leave it alone." The concept came from the economic theories of , the 18th-century Scot whose writings greatly influenced the growth of American capitalism. Smith believed that private interests should have a free rein. As long as markets were free and competitive, he said, the actions of private individuals, motivated by self-interest, would work together for the greater good of society.

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Although there are many positive aspects to this leadership style, there are also some problems that can be encountered with laissez-faire leaders. The hands off approach that is used can be seen as apathetic or lazy. The leaders can also be perceived to be uncaring or withdrawn. Another issue that can arise is because of the lack of involvement by the leadership, the group who falls under the leader can follow the same lead and become less involved in the group. This can cause instability throughout the group.

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Leaders who favor the laissez-faire style take a hands-off approach and allow their groups a large amount of personal freedom in their choices and decision making with minimal interference. When dealing with a political leader, this means that they try to let economic issues work themselves out without governmental interference. The theory behind this is that letting the market regulate itself without any type of pressure or stress on privatized businesses and forced wage rates allows for them to stabilize more quickly without bottoming out.

Laissez-Faire. Let it be. As frightening as it was, I decided to get out of the way. Instead of the carved up daily lessons on Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, Social Studies, we took a more holistic view of learning. Instead of learning bits of trivia, we concentrated on Math, Reading, and Writing. They used to call it the 3 R’s. Once a third or fourth grader has command of the basics, then the really cool stuff can start to happen. I was skeptical at first, but slowly a passionate learner emerged.

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Conservatives, on the other hand, favour regulation as a necessary means to achieve social justice, and to protect the weak from being quashed by the strong. In the modern world today, some forms of government intervention are required even in laissez-faire to establish the ground rules for free enterprise. The role of government in today’s world cannot be eliminated even in countries which may seem to follow the policy of Laissez-faire but the extents to which these government policies have played their roles in such countries have differed.

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“Hands-off” leadership allows each team’s skilled members to brainstorm to identify appropriate solutions to problems and implement these decisions rapidly. As a result, the business avoids the cost involved in some meetings, such as the opportunity cost of not completing other tasks, missed sales calls and lost customer face time. Laissez-faire leadership works well in a creative environment where employees are free to implement innovative solutions. In our example, the sales team works with the finance department to identify creative financing options for potential buyers. The service department, meanwhile, employs up-to-date technology and mechanics skilled in contemporary engines.This laissez-faire system works best in groups of experienced, educated and highly skilled employees such as staff specialists or consultants who are accustomed to working in team environments. In our example of the car dealership, the NEW CAR SALES, used car sales and service department teams each possess specific skills and have received specialized training. So each team may work best when it establishes its own work schedules, works independently and makes decisions as a group, rather than at the direction of its CEO. In this example, laissez-faire leadership is especially effective because many department problems are well defined, a course of action is frequently predetermined, resources are readily available and limited CEO interaction is required for the team to work effectively.The main aim of government regulations and checks is to ensure that Capitalists, which follow the Laissez-faire concept, does not have unchecked power over the weaker sections of the society. Government regulation of private industry can be divided into two categories – economic regulation and social regulation. Economic regulation seeks to control prices, designed to protect consumers and small businesses from more powerful companies. Social regulation, on the other hand, promotes objectives such as safer workplaces or a cleaner environment.