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The first (gangster) film made in Japan was (Gambler, 1964). The genre soon became popular, and by the 1970s the Japanese film industry was turning out a hundred mostly low-budget yakuza films each year. The films are descendants of the samurai epics, and are closer to Westerns than to Hollywood gangster movies. The hero is typically torn between compassion for the oppressed and his sense of duty to the gang. The plots are generally highly stylized, starting with the protagonist being released from prison and ending in a gory sword fight in which he dies an honorable death.

Latin American gangster movies are known for their gritty realism. (English: I Am a Criminal) is a 1976 film by director Clemente de la Cerda. The film tells the story of Ramón Antonio Brizuela, a real-life individual, who since childhood has to deal with rampant violence and the drugs, sex and petty thievery of a Caracas slum. Starting with delinquency, Ramón moves on to serious gang activity and robberies. He grows into a tough, self-confident young man who is hardened to violence. His views change when his fiancée's brother is killed in a robbery. The film was a blockbuster hit in Venezuela.

Although some Hong Kong gangster movies are simply vehicles for violent action, the mainstream movies in the genre deal with Triad societies portrayed as quasi-benign organizations. The movie gangster applies the Taoist principles of balance and honor to his conduct. The plots are often similar to those of Hollywood gangster movies, often ending with the fall of the subject of the movie at the hands of another gangster, but such a fall is far less important than a fall from honor. The first movie made by the acclaimed director was a gangster movie, . In it the protagonist finds himself torn between his desire for a woman and his loyalty to a fellow gangster. (2002) is a thriller about a police officer who infiltrates a triad and a triad member who infiltrates the police department. The film was remade by as .

Gangs of New York Is a film that is largely based on violence and tension, so the use of camera angles, lighting, sound etc is extremely...

I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was a little overwhelmed and prying of the Orthodox Jew’s that surrounded me in Brooklyn, yet only out of fascination and admiration for a community which upholds tradition so reverently. I have since learnt is home to the second largest hasidic community in the U.S. The women were all dressed similarly to adhere to the rule of Tzniut ‘modest’ attire: a grey or black pencil skirt, a dark cardigan, tights always with a black seam at the back, and a beret (I wear one…) or a Tichel and pale make-up, offset with very pink cheeks. Jewish couples certainly seem to go forth and multiply as they were mostly armed with gangs of little children. According to The New York Times, although only around 19% of American Jews are Orthodox, their high fertility rate will eventually render them the dominant demographic force in New York Jewery. Who said tradition was dying out? I am eager to learn how hasidic communities live in the 21st century. Trying to look for a suitable documentary.

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This movie was a gruesome tale of lawlessness and the brutality of the gangs that dominated New York in the 1860?s. The movie's main plot focused on the vengeance and the disputing between the gangs controlling the Bowery and Five Points area of lower Manhattan and concludes with the Civil War draft riots. The two major political parties, Tammany Hall, which was Democratic based and the Native Americans which made up the Know-Nothing Party, used gangs as enforcers for the loot of public funds and to obtain control of the city.

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In 2002, Martin Scorsese teamed up with Miramax Films to direct Gangs of New York, a film he had dreamed of making since the 1970s. With a 97 million bu

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Martin Scorsese's latest film, Gangs of New York is a failed anti-war film

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... Tony, the founder of the Jets, at a local dance. West Side Story is the classic tragedy of Romeo & Juliet set in a modern setting. The setting is the Upper West Side of New York City in the late 1950s with conflict between rival street gangs rather than families. In the opening of the film, during ...

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... review, you wont see a pattern in the movies I like to watch as many of you have rated my 'Gangs of New York' review, and less my 'Lord of the Rings- The two Towers' review. Yet, here is a new one for the collection. Its not a fantasy or a ...

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Scorseses New York Professor Bill Simon June 26, 2014 Mylene Jankowski ID: N Gangs of New York: Rage in the Citys History Martin Scorsese (1942, New.

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