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Our daily business ethics speak far louder than the words we utter in synagogue.

Cheney, Kent, & Debashish (2011) lays out the criteria for ethical business communication, which include honesty, clarity, acknowledging sources, and protecting confidential information. According to Singh (2006), the ultimate goal of organization is profitability, and ethical business practice plays an integral role in achieving this objective. Ethical organizations can use this position to develop competitive advantage. The goal of integrating ethics in business communication is to help the organization build its credibility and trust among external entities. According to the International Association of Business Communicators, organizations that practice ethics in their business communication are characterized by a team feeling among its workforce and high levels of employee morale. In order to achieve the goals of ethical business communication, certain ethical business standards must be observed, which include honesty, clarity, acknowledgement of sources and safeguarding confidential information.

Clearly, there are some things that are ethically wrong for employees: stealing from the employer, lying to the employer, working to undermine the business, company, employer, or other employees. Beyond that, what ethical obligations does the employee have to the firm? Clearly some degree and type of loyalty is due ethically of the employee to the employer, but how much, and under what circumstances?

Honesty benefits the organization and forms the foundation of trust. Honesty is central to ethical business communication and results in substantial business benefits for the organization. According to Alejo (2008), dishonesty in business communication increases the risk of businesses suffering from credibility issues. Clarity is the second goal of ethical business communication and entails differentiating fact from opinion. It is a requirement for ethical business communication that messages conveyed by the organizations should be understood clearly and be devoid of hidden catches. In this regard, organizations should refrain from confusing the public and other pertinent stakeholders. In fact, Jaska (1996) argues that clarity is one of the most important elements of ethical business communication during cases of crisis management. Acknowledgement of sources is an ethical practice and plays an integral role in boosting the morale of the employees. Another ethical issue that should be taken into consideration during business communication entails safeguarding confidential information and acting in accordance with the public disclosure laws.

The following are some of the major roles of business ethics in the corporate world today:

Two years ago I received an amazing invitation. A group known as the Gathering of Titans, comprised of 100 CEOs of major corporations in America, annually get together at a retreat – in this case at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – to discuss issues relevant to their business practices and to hear from prominent experts in various aspects of corporate management. As part of their program, they asked if I could come and lecture as well.

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Business ethics What's business ethics? From my viewpoint, business ethics is the core values such as integrity, fairness, respect, trust that a company incorporates into its daily dealings with the world. A company that has a reputable tradition of ...

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Every facet of the business world has to adhere to a laid down set of ethics in their day to day operations (Solomon, 2004). For example, the human resource department, the accounting department and the social responsibility department. All have their stipulated set of ethics they have to observe. Let us look at some of the ethical issues that the modern day business enterprise has to observe. We will look at how the situation is now and the ideal situation, how it should be.

In the western countries particularly, the society is pluralistic and hence, the business conduct code clearly exists in the law provisions and controlled by the national social group. There is the unified code of business ethics including fair advertisement, product safety and fair, human resource practices. On the other hand, the subgroups carry out their obligations depending on their beliefs and values. Those business organizations not affiliated in any subgroup take the obligation of the society where they operate, as guided by law.

Ethics in BusinessEthics and Human Resources Ethics commonly refer to the rules or principles that define right and wrong conduct

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Business Ethics Some commentators, such as Milton Friedman, believe that the "primary and only responsibility of business is to make money" while abiding by the law. Supporters of this point of view argue that companies' self-interested ...

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Business Ethics Some commentators, such as Milton Friedman, believe that the "primary and only responsibility of business is to make money" while abiding by the law. Supporters of this point of view argue that companies' self-interested ...

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Moral behavior in the face of immoral environment: a significant test for the firm’s ethical behavior is the nature of business transactions when the environment does not enforce high standards, thus enables ethically questionable (and maybe more profitable) conduct. Examples may include environmental issues (e.g. CO emissions), human rights (e.g. child labor), safety in the workplace, discrimination and sexual harassment.

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It is undeniable that ethical business communication is a critical success factor for all business organizations. It is evident that communication at all firm levels is vital for the success of the organization. Whether one is communicating at the workplace or developing a marketing message, it is not only important to convey the message but also take into account the message content and the emotional and perceptive needs of the recipients. Despite the fact that, ethics is a critical requirement in business, very few businesses are integrating ethics in their business communication regardless of embedding ethics in other business domains such as CSR. Organizations are not placing emphasis on ethical business communication; this is partly due to the misconception that ethical standards have little impact on the business communication process. In this regard, there is the need to stress the importance of integrating ethics in business communication so that organizations can embark on the practice and realize the potential benefits of ethical business communication. In the light of this view, the goal of this research is to highlight the significance of ethics in business communication and provide recommendations through which businesses can integrate ethics in their communication processes.