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Research, development and design, field service, sales and marketing are involved in the invention, design, construction, and operation of electrical and electronic systems and devices of all kinds (Cosgrove 698). Electronics engineers work with how computers and electrical systems are wired, how appliances work, and how electrical circuits are used in an endless number of applications (Cosgrove 698).

Have you recently found yourself lost after high school, knowing that you want to go to college, but having no idea what to major in? I sure did! So after reading through the NMSU undergraduate catalogue and asking peoples advice, I found out that our university has one of the top 5 engineering colleges in the entire country and problems were solved! With a fascination of electronics and a steady hold on math, I decided that Electrical Engineering was the choice for me. However, after completing my first semester and gaining a greater knowledge on what Electrical Engineering is all about, I have a greater understanding of how important English and writing really are in this profession. Although most people assume Electrical Engineering to be a purely mathematical field, writing skills are an equally important factor in getting a E.E. major or living as a professional in the field.

In the world of engineering today, just as much writing is being done as there are equations being scribbled out. Whether you are writing a memo or an e-mail to a co-worker or you are writing a detailed essay describing your theories of tri-polar electromagnetism, intelligent writing is important. In an interview with Dr. Ram Prasad, the professor of Electrical Engineering here at NMSU, a brilliant piece of advice was given to me. He said, "You can be the most brilliant mathematician on the planet, but if you cannot effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas with others, it is a wasted talent." In this field a great understanding of technical writing must be achieved before you will be given credit for your thoughts.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008 33 percent of engineering technician jobs were in the electrical and electronic engineering fields. In addition, 34 percent held jobs in manufacturing with 25 percent in related fields of professional, scientific and companies that do engineering contract work for the government.

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My course at the university would take five years, after which I hope to have adequately graduated with a BSC in Electrical Engineering, having specialized in electrical engineering. More specifically, I plan to venture into a subsection of Electrical engineering -microelectronics and semiconductors. My interest in the field of semiconductors is because of their significant roles in most technological revolutions in the world. Major technological advancements are achieved through developments in semiconductor physics. Skills in microelectronics would allow me to give contribution to the development of better integrated circuit manufacturing processes, high speed performance processors, along with semiconductors with increased ability to function in extreme temperature ranges.

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Electrical engineering is one of those professions that integrate a multitude of skills such as scientific, technological, problem-solving skills to design, construct as well as maintain products, services together with information systems (RIT, 2012). I am keen on pursuing a career in the field of electrical engineering. My career plan for the next 5-7 years is targeted at achieving this dream. Currently I am a junior major in electrical engineering. The course will take me the next four years to graduate with Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

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In your first year you will develop a strong, general foundation in engineering. As your studies progress, you will learn about the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, and about computer networking, control systems, and digital electronics. In the compulsory 12-week industry placement you’ll get to use the knowledge and skills you’ve learned in a work environment.

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To be a successful electrical and electronic engineer, you should be a good problem solver and show a passion for understanding new gadgets and technologies. Careers to consider: