fairness and their independence. With these boot camp enforcements,

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The first time in my life I was on a schedule from hell. The only schedule I knew was a school schedule and a work schedule. I was waking up at 4 o’clock almost every morning taking showers out in the open, with a 5 minute rule to use the shower and get dressed. I never had used a shower less than 15 minutes, I really thought the RDC(recruit division commander) was crazy. How was I suppose to take a 3 minute shower? Hey! if you had to take a shower with other naked females in front, on the side of you, you will take 5 min shower. Sadly to say, the best thing about being in boot camp was the breakfast food.

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Under a only a small portion of boot camps really see any results in prison population and correctional costs. What are the three biggest reason why prison boot camps fails to reach the goals that the prison population and recidivism fail to reach? First one of the reasons why boot camps fail, is because they fail to reduce the prison population through early volunteering for these types of boot camps are unnecessary. Lack of standards for the boot camp model. The last one is insufficient focus on offenders reentry into the community.

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programs, but are they well spent? “ Boot camps would have to have hundreds of bed and stay would be limited to three months or the programs would be pointless” (Parent 91). As a taxpayer, with statistics and current data put before us, one would have doubts as to the dollars being spent on this program. How can a program that is filled with doubts succeed to help the youth if it can’t even convince others of its achievements? Boot camps can only reduce correctional coasts…

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Juvenile boot camps are correctional programs for delinquent youths in a military style environment. These programs stress discipline and physical conditioning and were developed as an alternative for confinement in juvenile correctional facilities.

In response to increases in juvenile crime and the high cost of traditional confinement, the number of boot camps for juvenile offenders has grown in the last several years. Concurrently, much has been learned about juvenile boot camps and about their effectiveness as an intermediate corrections option. In other words are boot camps "maximizing their chances of developing an effective program to help steer juvenile offenders back onto the pathway to responsible citizenship"(Austin, 1993).

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During their time at Cape May, recruits are subjected to the usual "boot camp" atmosphere of direct instruction and intense motivation. The recruits are designated as Seaman Recruits (SR; E-1). Unique to the Coast Guard among the services, recruits successfully completing basic recruit training are advanced to the rank of Seaman Apprentice/Fireman Apprentice (SA/FA; E-2) or Seaman/Fireman (SN/FN; E-3) upon graduation—the difference generally based on level of higher education one possess. They must adhere to strict rules such as hygiene and uniform regulations and obey all lawful orders. Coast Guard drill instructors are called "company commanders" and hold a rank ranging from Petty Officer 2nd Class (E-5) up to Senior Chief Petty Officer (E-8). Coast Guard companies have approximately two or three company commanders and anywhere from 20 to over 100 recruits.