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Reid does not argue that other minds can be directly perceived, but he takes it to be a first principle of common sense that other minds exist (the 8th first principle of contingent truths, EIP VI. 5, p. 482-483), and that people learn of their existence by correctly deciphering certain signs. This interpretation of natural signs is innate, since, Reid claims, even small children respond in the correct (that is, expected) way in the presence of an angry parent, for instance. In this picture, the internal sense of taste is meant to discern the quality of excellence that other minds possess, in addition to enhancing the knowledge people have of “the existence of life and intelligence in our fellow-men.” To do so, however, the internal taste orients itself to material objects (since it cannot directly interact with other minds), and identifies that which is beautiful, in nature and in the fine arts (EIP VIII. 1, p. 573).

Reid considers the principles of the so-called “internal taste” in Essay VIII, the last of the EIP. Contemporary philosophy of mind is mostly silent concerning the way human beings interact and appreciate works of art; the widespread belief seems to be that such issues belong to value theory rather than to the philosophy of mind proper. Reid, however, is part of a different tradition, which sought to explain the interest humans have in art and its artifacts, and consequently the interactions humans seek with said artifacts starting by observing human psychology. As such, he, just like some of his predecessors (for example, , , and ), thinks that adult human beings are endowed with a special faculty, taste, which is supposed to help them appreciate beautiful or aesthetically relevant things, and disapprove those that are found to be lacking the sought-after qualities. Reid is thus mostly describing and analyzing the aesthetic experience, rather than addressing issues that are relevant from the point of view of the philosophy of art. In the course of doing this, however, he is interested in questions pertaining to art and artworks. Reid has an expression theory of art, in that he is interested in how art can express emotion, or, better still, how artists can and do express emotions through an artistic medium. If art is a sort of language, the faculty of taste, as applied to the aesthetic qualities of artworks, is the way to be made privy to this language: by employing this faculty, human beings become sensitive to the signs and decode their meaning. However, this is not the only way people employ their internal sense: by using this faculty they also become sensitive to the aesthetic qualities of the world. Reid’s idea is that just like a painter is expressing an emotion in his works, God is expressing certain emotions in his works. One cannot gain complete knowledge of the external world, in this picture, unless one understands and appreciates the beauty of the world.

...Thasanee Khanijou 5680010 A Beautiful Mind Plot Summary: A Beautiful Mind is a biographical film portraying a brilliant mathematician, John Nash who is diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia in his early thirties. As a Princeton Scholar, Nash spends his days obsessing with numbers in order to come up with a revolutionary mathematical equation. He leads a secretive life as a government spy and code breaker and later wants to quit the job because it poses threat to his wife, Alicia. It is only after half the film that Nash is convinced that most events and people including his job are only illusions within his mind. Disorder: Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder that leads to a breakdown of personality functioning caused by a withdrawal from reality (Delusions, hallucinations and socially withdrawn), emotional blunting (Anhedonia) and distortion and disturbances in thought and behavior (Inappropriate emotions). Paranoid Schizophrenia is a common subtype of Schizophrenia indicated by constant and recurring delusions and hallucinations, generally with persecution or grandiosity. An early sign of social isolation is seen as Nash attends Princeton welcome party. He isolates himself from his friends and when the situation demands social interaction he displays socially awkward gestures such as avoiding eye contact by looking down, not introducing himself and keeping conversations short by simply walking away. His first symptom of hallucination is in his dormitory, of his...

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"A Beautiful Mind" stars as Nash, and as his wife, Alicia, who is pregnant with their child when the first symptoms of his disease become apparent. It tells the story of a man whose mind was of enormous service to humanity while at the same time betrayed him with frightening delusions. Crowe brings the character to life by sidestepping sensationalism and building with small behavioral details. He shows a man who descends into madness and then, unexpectedly, regains the ability to function in the academic world. Nash has been compared to Newton, Mendel and Darwin, but was also for many years just a man muttering to himself in the corner.

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The Nobel Prize winner John Forbes Nash Jr. still teaches at Princeton, and walks to campus every day. That these commonplace statements nearly brought tears to my eyes suggests the power of "A Beautiful Mind," the story of a man who is one of the greatest mathematicians, and a victim of schizophrenia. Nash's discoveries in game theory have an impact on our lives every day. He also believed for a time that Russians were sending him coded messages on the front page of the New York Times.

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You can use crafts to remind yourself that you have the power of creation. When you feel useless, create something beautiful and useful to remind yourself that you can accomplish things.

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In conclusion, it would be fair to surmise that A Beautiful Mind is an extremely effective cinematic tool that can be used to demonstrate both the effects and concepts that are related to schizophrenia. The picture manages to capture and portray the essence and impact of an illness that by its very nature is almost intangible, and for that it should be applauded. It can be seen as a great resource for opening up a discussion about schizophrenia and mental illness in general.

29/08/2017 · After watching the movie A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe as John Nash, my views on mental illness have greatly changed

2. A Beautiful Mind Essay Psychology and Unique Unconscious Mind Father of psychology. Established the first official psychology laboratory in 1879.