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In this essay, the author will discuss the importance of Huey Long and Father Coughlin in shaping the course of the New Deal. Since rinkley also mentions Charles Townsend's social security ideas, it will also be necessary to consider them as well. It is the author's position that Alan rinkley is largely correct that these individuals forced the president Franklin Delano Roosevelt to move left in 1935. Evidence will be presented to support this position. The urbane, pragmatic president looked with fear upon the above extremist figures and found it necessary to craft a third way between the extremes and a leftward drift was necessary to achieve this.

While this essay comprises principally a comparison of rinkley and Rauchway, it is necessary to consider Long's writings themselves and the impact that they had upon the American political landscape. In 1934 Huey Long created "Share……

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The aim of this investigation is to analyze the extent of the success of the New Deal during the Great Depression. In my investigation Robert F. Himmelberg’s piece entitled The Great Depression and the New Deal (2001) was a very useful source because it helped me to see the viewpoint of historians who believed that the New Deal was vital in the recovery of the Great Depression. Other helpful sources were political scentist Sean J. Savages’ essay on FDR’s New Deal and FDR Leadership and Legacy by William D. Pederson (1997) which helped me to get a better understanding of how the New Deal might have not been the reason for America’s recovery in the Great Depression.

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